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Nettles: A Fatigue Solution

Tired all the time? Fatigued? Coffee and sugar, though socially acceptable uppers, are NOT the answer and actually make you more fatigued over time. In this video I talk about one naturopathic way to improve energy and more:
-Stimulants like coffee, energy drinks and sugar cause more harm than good -Common causes of fatigue -The naturopathic way to improve energy -The number one herb for fatigue and low energy that is also good for skin, hair, nails, achy bones and joints, growing pains in kids, allergies and more! -How to prepare and use it -Tea vs. Infusions- which is more therapeutic? -This herb is a Chinese long life tonic and contains almost every single vitamin and mineral needed for the human body! -More!
Having energy is a natural expression of a healthy body! You are built to feel good! Let me know if I can help! Accepting new clients.

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