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Oatstraw: The herb we all need for 2021

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

In this profoundly, and prolonged, stressful time, I can think of no other herb that helps restore and nourish the nervous system better than oats (Avena Sativa).

Oats are considered a long-life tonic in Ayurvedic (traditional medicine of India) medicine. They help strengthen a worn-out, depleted, exhausted nervous system. And this past year has been profoundly stressful. I am hearing from people who are burning out, can't sleep, can't regulate their emotions and notice more anxiety and depression, weak libido, and in general feel completely run-down. Oats help us calm, center and live in these uncertain times.

Now, when I make oatstraw, I make an infusion in water with a long steeping time of 8-12 hours. The longer the infusion time, the more vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients are extracted. Oats are rich in calcium and magnesium, all B vitamins (except B12)--the nutrients our bodies need when under stress. You can see here in this photo comparison of 5 minutes vs 20 minutes. Imagine after 12 hours the rich, dark honey color.

Herbalist Susan Weed says that oats are best known for mellowing the mood and improving libido, hence the saying "sowing your wild oats".

It even helps with withdrawal symptoms from nicotine and caffeine. I like it best when I am feeling "wired, but tired", exhausted by my own anxiety.

Try drinking a quart of this at least 4-5 x a week for a few weeks and you will feel noticeably better.

You can buy oatstraw from a local herbalist, or online at Mountain Rose Herbs, . I make a small percentage if you order from here, but honestly I just believe they are the best and I want you to have the best too. If you feel it is a conflict of interest just buy directly.

Oatstraw Infusion

1 cup oatstraw
boiling water
1 quart mason or canning jar

Place oats in jar and cover with freshly boiled water. Cover loosely and let sit overnight. Strain and drink all at once or throughout the day. You can add honey or maple syrup if you like, but I quite enjoy the mild flavor.

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