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Peppermint Patties

An EASY after dinner bitter to help digestion, quench a sweet tooth and cleanse the palate. These 3 ingredient “cookies” don’t look pretty but taste better than the candy crap by the same name.

Cacao is considered to have a bitter flavor by herbalists. Bitters help increase digestive juices for better break down of foods and help increase blood flow to the intestines for better absorption into the bloodstream. When taken before and after meals, bitters can help reduce gas, bloating, cramping and indigestion.

The bitter flavor is considered essential for good health in traditions such as Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine but is often the one most lacking in the Standard American Diet (SAD).

Peppermint is a blast of cool green energy. It is commonly know for its ability to help digestion and settle upset stomachs. It is also a potent pain-reliever for headaches and even nerve pain. Peppermint with its potent aroma, is also mood lifting and energizing without being a stimulant like caffeine.

Check out my video for more about this beautiful peppermint herb and the difference between a tea vs. infusion vs. decoction. Sorry the last few seconds got cut off.

Peppermint Patties

4 tbsp dried peppermint leaves 4 tbsp cacao powder 2+ tbsp honey
Finely grind the peppermint. I have an herb and spice grinder or you could use a coffee grinder (used just for herbs or everything will taste like coffee!). In a small mixing bowl add the peppermint and cacao. Mix gently. Add honey and mix with a spoon. It will take a bit to get things blended, but you should end up in a soft dough. I had to add a little bit more honey. You might need to add a little more cacao so it’s not sticky. Roll into small tsp sized balls and slightly flatten. Dust with more cacao if you want. Enjoy!

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