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Fire Cider-Elderberry Rosehip

Fire Cider-Elderberry Rosehip

Fire Cider is an apple cider vinegar-based folk remedy designed to help strenghten your immune system, support digestion and detoxification, balance blood sugars and more!


This blend features extra Elderberry and Rosehips which give it a beautiful dark purple color. Even better than the pretty hue are the immune boosting effects of elderberry and the vitamin C from the rosehips. 


Garlic and onion work as natural anti-microbials and thyme and rosemary keep our upper respiratory tract healthy!


This item is for local meet up only. 


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  • Ingredients

    Raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar*, Ginger*, Horseradish, Pueblo Honey*,  Colorado Elderberry*,  Rosehips*, Onion*, Garlic*, Rosemary*, Thyme*,  Mauro Farms Pueblo Chile. *Organic