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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”- Anais Nin

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Can we get honest for a minute? Are you:

-Exhausted by the grind

-Finding that the life you used to love is no longer fulfilling

-So conditioned to put others first, you can’t answer the question “what do YOU want”?

-Feeling a new version of yourselves emerging

-Desiring more softness, ease and flow in your life

-Having health issues that won’t resolve

-Tired of fighting food and your body

-Has lost your spark and joy

-Ready to write the next chapter of your life

I was that woman.

When my heart was broken and trust in myself betrayed because I kept staying in an unhealthy relationship dynamic and ignoring my TRUTH, I suffered.

My truth was that the relationship I had been in since I was 20, was no longer working. And I was afraid to say it because I was afraid of his response and how it would impact him.

I was afraid to say it because of how it would affect my kids.

I was afraid to say it because after giving up my career to homeschool my kids, I didn't know how I would financially support myself. 

I was afraid of what my parents and his parents would think or say.

Try as I might to find fulfillment/distraction in friends, hobbies, yoga, my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health suffered. 

It was only when I rescued myself from the depths of my own despair, stood up for myself, and asked for what I needed (a divorce) that my miracles started to happen.


My physical health improved and my autoimmune disease went into remission.

My emotional health improved. I felt happy and joyous for the first time in years even though I was going through the hardest time is my my life.

Opportunities started flooding me.

I won $2500 from a contest I didn’t even remember entering.

I got accepted to a course even though I applied past the deadline. And then they waived the course fee ($3000)!

I won ANOTHER contest for healing modalities that I desperately needed.

I meet a healthy, mature and grounded man, that I am happily in love with. And I didn't have to date around forever to find him. 

My relationship with my kids improved.

A job fell into my lap that matched my exact needs.

It was as if God said to me “Finally! Thank you for listening to your heart, telling the truth and trusting! You’re going to be OK. Let me show you how well you are taking care of!”

As I finally came back into alignment (aka was no lying to myself), GOD came rushing in. 

Do you trust yourself? Do you keep yourself safe? Do you tell the truth even if it upsets someone else?

Anything else is betraying yourself.

The betrayal of self and putting others feelings in front of your own is a spiritual sickness that leads to physical dis-ease.

If you want your life to be different, you have to change it.

No one is coming to save you.


It’s the harshest truth and most liberating responsibility.

My life is forever changed because of the stand I took for myself. 

Are you ready to take a stand for yourself? 

Whole and Holy

A transformative one-on-one mentorship experience 



No two people are alike, so your healing process will be unique as well. 

Red Roses


Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies are connected and all must be cared for for vibrant and radiant health. From nutrition to meditation to plant medicine, whatever your healing process needs, I got you. 

Church Candles


The healing process of growing a backbone and restoring trust in yourself is dynamic and can change from week to week. This mentorship provides you with the highest level of support.

Send me a message to start the application process.

Limited space available. 

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