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47 Special

47 Special

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In honor of my 47th birthday, I created a new variety of Dr. Amber's Fire Cider that’s extra spicy and extra sweet—-just like me! Haha!

It’s a “back to my roots” kinda vibe. It’s the essentials - Ginger, Horseradish, onion, garlic, and Pueblo chili—but TWICE AS MUCH.

I thought about naming it Double Trouble, or XXX (but I could only fit 2x in the jar) but The name I chose was 47 Special. 47 is how old I’m turning and Special bc I think I am special! I deserve just as much love and care as every else I love!

I had so much fun creating this – I wish I had a video of me dancing and crying (cuz onions ya know) in the kitchen. It was hilarious.

As always, as much as possible my ingredients are organic and local. My label fully discloses all the ingredients I put in. And I am cottage foods certified so you can trust your Fire Cider is made in a clean environment and safe for you.

This fire cider will improve your digestion, balance your blood sugars, suppor your cardiovascular health, and strengthen your immune system. It’s safe for most people (but if you have questions, please let me know. I’d be happy to help you select a variety that is best for you.)

I have only 48 bottles at $39. The cost is a little higher bc I packed so much in! Lmk if you want one!

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