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Winter Warmer 23

Winter Warmer 23

I had so much fun creating this! To balance this cold winter season and the holiday indulgences that come with it, I added cloves and cinnamom to increase circulation and warm the body. These spices are known as carminatives- helping to prevent and reduce gas and bloating. Cinnamon also helps keeps blood sugars balanced! Take a sip of this before you eat those holiday cookies and meals! 


Manadrin oranges and cranberries provide rich antiodidants that help prevent aging, prevent breakdown and improve disease resistance. The also provide ample vitamin C for immune system support because noone wants to get sick during the holidays!


This special limited edition Fire Cider still contains the classic ingredients of horseradish, garlic, onions, ginger and Pueblo Chili that provide its digestion benefits, immune strength, detox support and cardiovascular love. 

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